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The Scholars Programme began in March, 2016. All applications received will be for the next intake of students in January, 2019.

The Scholars Programme is a preparatory, A-Level calibre, certificate-granting programme that serves as the gateway to enter African Christian University. ACU offers 4-year Bachelor Programmes with a Core Curriculum developing the Christian Worldview foundation for critical thinking across the breadth of the humanities and sciences. The initial degree programme offerings allow studies with a range of specialisations in Theology, Education, Business and Agriculture, each allowing various sub-specialties. The academic programme offerings will continue to expand to include the full breadth of the humanities and science disciplines.

The Objective

The Scholars Programme has two primary objectives:

    • (1) It introduces a solidly biblical, gospel-saturated worldview as the foundation for all academic studies and practical labour. It cannot be overstated how important one’s worldview is to a proper understanding and application of truth. We all live out of our worldview, that which we believe is true and important in life. As Christians, we realize that all our knowledge is analogical. Our knowledge is based on the truth expressions of God. But we can not fully understand truth unless we are true knowers of God. Proverbs 9:10 tells us, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” That is where all scholarship begins: the truth of God as revealed in His word and demonstrated in His creation. The Scholars Programme is geared to teach truth in all academic disciplines, striving to know God in all knowledge.

(2) The Scholars Programme hones and sharpens basic but necessary scholarship skills to ensure excellence at university-level studies and Christian living. It is a “gap-year” programme requiring applicants to submit Grade 12 Mock Exam results to determine their capability to write the ACU Entrance Examinations for Scholars Programme admission determination. ACU is to be an academically robust tertiary institution. Our students must be equipped to perform at the highest levels in thought and effort.

Applications for 2019 are now open! Click here to apply.

Items to Download

adobe iconThe ACU Scholars Programme Curriculum   This gives an overview of the Scholars Programme curriculum and supra-curricular activities to emphasise the holistic nature of this practical, Christian approach to excellent preparation for higher education.

adobe icon2019 Fee Schedule This document contains a summary of all the costs for The Scholars Programme



adobe iconStudent Catalog You can find detailed information about the programs offered at ACU in this document.


calendar_icon12019 Academic Calendar

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