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Nov 2018 The Value of a Thoroughly Christian Education / Interview with Simbi Uwishaka
2018 Sep The Mentoring Vision of ACU
2018 August Strengthen Our Hands for the Good Work
2018 July Board Leadership and Financial advancement / Why Christian is neccesary/ Interview with Chilanji Mhone
2018 June Africa’s underdevelopment/ Reclaiming the mind for God/ Interview with Eli Mukotoshi
2018 May Why study ‘History of thought’/Interview with Constance Sianga/Support an ACU student
2018 Apr Christian Scholars Week/Interview with Mr. Ntobeko Mjijwa/Interview with Mutini Cheta/ Library Needs
2018 Mar Semi-Classical Education in Zambia/Interview with Kunda Kalifungwa/Interview with Tamara Nyirenda
2018 Feb Second year of classes for the degree program
2018 Jan First year of classes for the degree program
2017 Dec The proof of pudding is in the eating/ God’s faithfulness/ 2017 Review / The Proof
2017 Nov My experience at ACU/ My degree program/ Prayer and Praise
2017 Oct Why you should send your child to ACU/An insider’s perspective/A parents perspective on the scholars programme
2017 Aug Knowing History Better Equips us to Serve God / Volunteerism
2017 Jul Status of Quality in the Construction Industry / The Student Labour Programme / Interview with Daniel Munsaka
2017 Jun Knowing History Better Equips us to Serve God / Interview with Musenge Katontoka / ACU Faculty Development Workshop Series
2017 May The Grand Narrative in a Post-Modern Age (part 1) / Interview with Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa
2017 Apr Equipping to Fulfil the Cultural Mandate / Interview with Dumisile Daka
2017 Mar Semi-Classical christian education in Zambia / Interview with Kunda Kalifungwa/ Interview with Tamara Nyirenda
2017 Feb Education and God’s Mission / ACU Faculty Development / Student Interview for the BA Programme
2017 Jan ACU Valedictorian Address / ACU: A Local Church Ministry / Interview with Leya Gordic’
2016 Dec Year-end Summary ACU Chancellor Mbewe / ACU Vice Chancellor Turnbull / ACU Board Chairmen
2016 Nov ACU’s Impact on the Students / A Visit to ACU/ Interview with Elizabeth Mwelwa
2016 Oct Order and Peace in the Creator / ACU Update / Interview with Given Kababu
2016 Sep Your Business for Missions / Interview with Mayomba Siamuzovu
2016 Aug ACU Has Begun! / Interview with Chali Tumelo-Chakonta / Interview with Koketso Mmekwa
2016 Jul How Should We Train Ministers? / Interview with Bornface Mbulo
2016 Jun Must We Train Ministers? / Interview with Tshepo Rathiaya
2016 May A Biblical Worldview. Why the Fuss? / Interview with Prashant Thakkar – ACU Office Manager
2016 Apr The Importance of Critical Thinking in Africa / Student Orientation / Student Quotes
2016 Mar With Much Thanksgiving / African Renewal in Christ / Interview with Nalukui Maggie Sakufiwa
2016 Feb The Significance of Practical Education for Development of Agriculture in Zambia / An Interview with Ben Kilian
2016 Jan Waiting with Engines Revving / Strengthened Hands / Confident in God’s Purposes / Opportunities to Glorify God / The Vision in South Africa
2015 Dec The Expected Impact of Christian Worldview Education on Business in Zambia / So you want to Volunteer? Interviews with Two Young Zambians
2015 Nov A Call to Serve / What is Christian Worldview Education?
2015 Oct Whole-Life Discipleship / Why Volunteer / We Need Books
2015 Sep The Christian Educator as Preacher (Part 2 of 2) / “Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God” / Library Update
2015 Aug From Darkness to Light / The Christian Educator as Preacher (Part 1 of 2) / Great Things He Has Done
2015 Jul The Anticipated Effect of Christian Worldview Education on the Economy in Zambia / An Interview with Ernest Mwansa, ACU-ZAM Board Member
2015 Jun Work and Student Labour / The Christian Virtue of Humility in Education / ACU Update
2015 May The 450, 425, 200 (and soon 315) Campaigns /Let Light Shine Out of Darkness / Help ACU Disciple in the Student Labour Programme
2015 Apr Mathematics to the Glory of God / Christian Education Offers Hope / Chisamba Campus Update
2015 Mar Needed: Christian Educators with a Biblical Worldview / Help ACU Disciple in the Student Labour Programme / Friends of ACU
2015 Feb Does the Great Commission Apply to Education? / An Interview with Wezi Chibalani, ACU Office Manager / Update and Future Plans
2015 Jan Our Hope is in the Lord / Heavenly Perspective / Brothers, Pray for Us!
2014 Dec The Fine Line / An Interview with Voddie Baucham / Update and Future Plans
2014 Nov A Holistic Christian Worldview: Consummation / Report from the USA / An Interview with Gladys Mposha
2014 Oct A Holistic Christian Worldview: Redemption / An Interview with Davey Hoffman / ACU Update
2014 Sep A Holistic Christian Worldview: The Fall / Anasi Lupunga: Pastor, Father & Prayer Warrior / An Interview with Phil Bailey
2014 Aug A Holistic Christian Worldview: Creation / Paul Kasonga: Lamba Church Leader / Scholars Programme Delay
2014 Jul The Teacher as Mentor – Building Relationships / Testimony of a Young Volunteer Who is Starting a University
/ Campus Construction
2014 Jun The Purpose Statement of ACU / Interview with Kendra Hawley / A Taste of ACU
2014 May Christian Volunteerism / Spotlight on Mutinta Suchali / ACU Library Update: The Jonathan Edwardís Library
2014 Apr Liberal Arts for The Christian, Pt. 2 / A Taste of African Christian University
2014 Mar Liberal Arts for The Christian, Pt. 1 / Interview with Ronald Kalifungwa
2014 Feb G3 Conference Update / ACU Spotlight on Mr. Wilson
2014 Jan Reflections and Outlook from ACU Leadership
2013 Dec Praise and Prayer
2013 Nov Scholars Program – Computer Skills / Anne Phiri / ACU Temporary Campus
2013 Oct ACU’s First Vice-Chancellor / The ACU Logo / Library Shipment Campaign
2013 Sep Library Shipment Campaign / ACU’s First Chancellor / 2013 Zambian Conferences
2013 Aug Principle Over Pragmatism / ACU-USA Director of Development
2013 Jul A Preacher’s Library / Carlos Paul / Seeking Help
2013 Jun The Bible’s Grand Narrative / Chris & Keren Hays / ACU Library Donations
2013 May Marvelous Things / Renewing of the Mind / LBC Mission Conference
2013 Apr Kingdom Education / ACU Education / Seeking Help
2013 Mar Artisans of Excellence / Dr. Preston Sprinkle / Seeking Assistance
2013 Feb The Master’s Vessels / Dr. Billy Sichone / Farewell to Linda
2013 Jan Look Ahead at 2013 by: Ken Turnbull, Conrad Mbewe, John Chundu, Irving Steggles and Dan Pentimone
2012 Dec Another Year of God’s Grace / Is There a Difference in Christian Teaching?
2012 Nov God Will Provide for ACU / An Example of Holistic Education
2012 Oct Foundation for Holistic Education / Roderick McDonald / A New Assistant / ACU Board Development
2012 Sep The Erosion of Education / African Conferences / ACU-RSA Board Meeting
2012 Aug Rev. David J. Wegener – Dean of ACUS / Warwick Road Trip / Upcoming Conferences
2012 Jul Dr. Cheryl Snyder / Seminary Announcement / Improvement of the Mind
2012 Jun Institute of Excellence / Pastor Makashinyi / Zambian Account
2012 May ACU Land / TLI Partnership Opportunity
2012 Apr Answering the Call / ACU Day / Mbewe Tour
2012 Mar ACU Seminary / Zambian Pastoral Support / Strategic Planning
2012 Feb Discipleship and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Africa
2012 Jan Student Labor Discipler / Seminary Student
2011 Dec God’s Grace in 2011 and Hope for 2012
2011 Nov A Call for Labor Disciplers / Publications
2011 Oct A Faithful Pastor / A Faithful Prayer Warrior
2011 Sep Student Labor Discipler / Conferences